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Next-Level Cognitive Intelligence

Intelligent Enterprise Search

Massive data stores got you stressed? Sift effortlessly through your company's massive data with our effective Intelligent Enterprise Search solution. We use advanced algorithms and ML to detect, find, and report the information you're looking for.

Search through various content sources—documents, emails, and multimedia files—all in one go. The technology understands human language and responds to real-time commands. Make smarter, informed decisions with our Intelligent Enterprise Search.

Document & Text Analytics

Organize and analyze the even most unstructured data sets. Using NLP and machine learning, our Document and Text analytics solutions interpret sporadic data including text documents, emails, social media, and others.

It identifies key phrases, detects sentiments, and classifies documents with intelligent analytics algorithms. It also reveals patterns, trends, and other relationships in large volumes of text data.

Gain valuable, result-driven insights for smarter, future-ready business performance.

Personalized Recommendations

Drive greater sales and enhance customer experiences. Our Personalized Recommendations solution utilizes ML algorithms to analyze live customer data and offer tailored business recommendations. It identifies customer purchase history, browsing behavior, and search queries to facilitate demand-driven planning.

The solution directly improves customer satisfaction, increases revenue generation, and upgrades customer loyalty programs. Offer an engaging, relevant customer experience, to amplify your business and product performance.

Image and Video Analysis

Extract and analyze insightful, real-time visual cues. Our Image analysis solutions use computer algorithms to analyze and interpret images. It identifies objects, people, and other features to make intelligent classifications based on specific criteria, such as color or texture.

The video analytics system tracks movement and behavioral patterns to make informed judgments on customer preferences and activity. The technology interprets a series of images or frames to extract relevant information and recognize and track specific behavior.

Language AI Solutions

Expand your language-learning and interpreting capabilities. Our Language AI tool understands and interprets human language with a built-in deep learning system. The solution extracts meaning from texts, identifies its sentiments, and takes appropriate action.

The solution allows speech recognition and machine translation. Create Chatbots and Virtual Assistants with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities.

Technology Expertise

  • Object2vec
  • Albert
  • Blazing Text
  • ELMo
  • LDA Algorithm
  • ULMFiT
  • OpenAI GPT
  • T5
  • Transformer
  • Topic Transformer - XL
  • RoBerta
  • XLNet
  • Hugging Face
  • Amazon Kendra
  • Haystack by Deepset
  • Keras
  • TensorFlow
  • Google BERT
  • Textdistance

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Certified professionals
Certified professionals
Embrace AI solutions, delivered by experts. Our professional team offers reliable and effective services for your business application or website.
Witness personalized, error-free AI solutions. We work closely with you to design a fail-proof cognitive approach in sync with your business goals.
Best Practices
Best Practices
Custom-fitted consulting to accelerate your business. Our solutions help determine an elaborate initiation and action plan to power a cognitive AI transformation in your business.
Our IP & Frameworks
Our IP & Frameworks
Streamline operations, improve customer engagement, and gain actionable business insights. Our high-functioning AI solutions enable progressive digitalization across your operations.
Stay ahead of your competition. Our intricate expertise and unshaken commitment to perfection cement our implementation and your business success.

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