Streamlining Telco Leader's Lead-to-Order Process with Salesforce Managed Services

Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Experience through Agile Solutions

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Implementing a seamless Lead-to-Order process in a Telco environment posed challenges of complexity and scale. Managing diverse portfolios of products, configuration, pricing, quoting, and billing within the Salesforce ecosystem required efficient coordination and management. The need for rapid adjustments and continuous improvement further added to the complexity.


InfoServices Salesforce Managed Services addressed these challenges by providing Project Management, Integration, Architecture, and QA Testing. This included agile methodologies and CI/CD strategies to accelerate deployments and reduce time-to-market. Leveraging a hybrid team structure, InfoServices built customer-centric solutions, providing comprehensive insights through reports and dashboards, supporting robust change management, and CU/CD activities, ensuring optimal efficiency.

  • 14 Scrum Teams
  • 9,000+ person-hours
About Client

Our client, a leading telecommunications company, offers America one of the largest 5G networks. Providing wireless communication services, our client serves postpaid, prepaid, and wholesale customers. This Telco company, headquartered in Washington, distributes services across the US, offering voice, text, video calling, and data communication services.


Technology and Communications

Years in Business
30+ Years
Company Size
65000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
United States of America
40% Reduction in Time-to-Market by enhancing competitiveness and agility.
28% Cost-to-serve Efficiency Gains by optimizing resource allocation.
Culture Establishment supporting rapid, agile development to build, test, and release cycles.
Reduced Management Complexity through single-point delivery, cost, and quality governance.
Technologies Used

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