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About the Client

iGuroo is an EdTech startup that aims to help students by providing personalized learning and career guidance services through digital means. iGuroo connects students, professionals, subject matter experts, coaches, and mentors under one platform and enables guided, specialized, personalized interactions transparently through real-time video capabilities.

iGuroo aims to reach the remotest parts of India and other geographies and help the underserved student communities by bringing advisory, guidance, and training from regional and national experts in the language students prefer.

iGuroo went live with their Mentor Program in March of 2023


Solution Approach

Rapid-Development Rapid-Development-white
Rapid Development
Modular Modular-white
Modular (Microservices)
Scalable Scalable-white
Secure Secure-white
Cost-Effective Cost-Effective-white
Cost Effective
Contemporary Contemporary-white
Performance Performance-white
Future-ready Future-ready-white

Why Choose Infoservices

Info Services has a strong background in design, development, and consultation on product development. This puts Info Services in a very strong ground to execute these kinds of projects. iGuroo had the following yardsticks to select the implementation partner

  • Prior experience: Info Services has strong credentials in executing projects like this, and they are also experienced in working with fast-paced startups
  • Cost of execution:Partnering with Info Service helps iGuroo to keep the implementation cost low and manageable
  • Access to talent pool: Info Service has a huge pool of talent well versed with the latest technologies and cloud computing.
  • Reliable Partner: Info Services has been a reliable partner for many companies and projects, this adds as an added advantage

Technologies used - Amazon AWS

In the development of the iGuroo application, we've harnessed a comprehensive array of Amazon AWS services and technologies to create a versatile and dependable framework. Our data validation and application deployment are made possible by key AWS services, including Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, and S3. These services enable us to validate and store data efficiently, while the Serverless Framework simplifies application deployment, enhancing agility and scalability.

For secure user access and authentication, we employed the Cognito service, which provides a robust and trusted authentication system. In addition, Route53 manages the Domain Name System (DNS) for our application, ensuring reliable and seamless access. CloudFront, another vital component of our infrastructure, bolstered security measures and optimized content delivery, enhancing both performance and security. Effective communication between systems and clients is of paramount importance to us, and we employed AWS services like SNS (Simple Notification Service), SES (Simple Email Service), and Lambda to streamline communication channels. These services also enabled us to promptly notify project managers if any issues arise in user communications, ensuring that potential problems are addressed proactively.

These technologies, meticulously integrated, collectively create a robust Amazon AWS ecosystem that plays a pivotal role in data validation, secure user access, DNS management, and efficient communication within the iGuroo application, ultimately contributing to its reliability and effectiveness.

Partner solutions

  • Architecture: Architected the solution with best practices and “well architectected framework”
  • Design and development: Developed the product as per the specifications and architecture
  • Product management: Helped the iGuroo team in product definition and development of product specifications
  • Project management: Helped iGuroo in managing the project and delivering it in budget, time, and quality
  • Quality Control: Info services’ QA team helped iGuroo to deliver the product with high quality and reliability
  • Release and deployment management: Info Service also managed Release and development functions.

Results & Benefits

  • Rapid go to market; we could take the client from conceptualization to go live within 6 months.
  • The ingestion design built by Info Services now integrates in the product to better understand customer behavior and preferences, thereby helping to devise strategies for contextualized analysis and courses.
  • Overall user experience and the Mentor program's success is enabling additional business opportunities.

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