Optimizing the retry mechanism for DynamoDB Stream triggers

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About the Client

iGuroo is an EdTech startup that aims to help students by providing personalized learning and career guidance services through digital means. iGuroo connects students, professionals, subject matter experts, coaches, and mentors under one platform and enables guided, specialized, personalized interactions transparently through real-time video capabilities.

iGuroo aims to reach the remotest parts of India and other geographies and help the underserved student communities by bringing advisory, guidance, and training from regional and national experts in the language students prefer.

iGuroo went live with their Mentor Program in March of 2023


Current State Challenges

DynamoDB-Stream-Trigger DynamoDB-Stream-Trigger-white
DynamoDB Stream Trigger Optimization

Streamlining AWS Lambda's default retry mechanism for DynamoDB Stream triggers to reduce resource consumption.

Resource-Efficiency Resource-Efficiency-white
Resource Efficiency

Addressing concerns around the current retry mechanism to optimize resource utilization and enhance overall system efficiency.

Timely-Event-Handling Timely-Event-Handling-white
Timely Event Handling

Improving the retry mechanism to minimize delays in processing subsequent events triggered by DynamoDB Streams.

OperationalDelays OperationalDelays-white
Operational Delays

Mitigating potential delays introduced by the default retry mechanism to ensure prompt system responsiveness.

Cost-Balance Cost-Balance-white
Efficiency and Cost Balance

Optimizing retry mechanisms not only for efficiency but also to manage costs associated with increased resource usage in AWS Lambda.

Why Choose Infoservices

  • Info Services helps customers implement scalable and cost-effective solutions tailor-made to fit their business needs, particularly in data & analytics solutions.
  • Info Services brought niche capabilities required for streaming initiatives with extremely talented AWS solution architects and data engineers who successfully implemented the solution.
  • Also, the company invests in technologies and employees to create a challenging environment that paves the way for professional growth for their associates.

Technologies Used

  • Orchestration: CodePipeline
  • Build: CodeBuild
  • Deployment : CodeDeploy
  • Compute: AWS Lambda
  • Cloud Management : AWS CloudWatch
  • Package Management: AWS CodeArtifact
  • Access Management: AWS IAM
  • NoSQL Database: AWS DynamoDB
  • Frontend Framework: ReactJs
  • Backend Runtime: NodeJs

Partner solutions

  • Dynamically configured DynamoDB tables for seamless integration with OpenSearch.
  • Tailored AWS Lambda functions through specialized YAML configurations, optimizing retry attempts.
  • Enabled DynamoDB Streams on chosen tables, facilitating real-time processing with a dedicated Lambda function.
  • Secured solution with a Lambda execution role, precisely tailored for optimal permissions.
  • Defined OpenSearch index mapping for optimized data handling.
  • Established comprehensive monitoring and logging, fine-tuning the solution based on data volume and access patterns.

Results & Benefits or Impacts

  • Achieved real-time search by efficiently capturing and indexing DynamoDB changes using scalable DynamoDB Streams and Lambda functions.
  • Implemented a serverless architecture with Lambda, reducing operational overhead and enabling automatic scaling.
  • Ensured seamless data compatibility between DynamoDB and OpenSearch through Lambda-based transformation.
  • Established comprehensive monitoring and logging using AWS CloudWatch, optimized costs, and implemented robust security measures, including encryption and least privilege principles for IAM roles.

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