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Accelerate AWS IoT platform adoption and migration for Vertical Farming and Rapid Production scaling.


About the Client

Megansoft was leveraging a 3 Tier platform to deliver Autonomous IOT Software and Embedded Software using VM Ware architecture supporting Vertical Farming for Cotton and Corn Picking Production operations.

As the client's needs grew, they started experiencing reliability issues, with increasing application downtime. The business need was to develop a scalable system that can support future growth and enable AI-based decision-making and rapid production leveraging Machine Learning and Autonomous technology.

The client needed to modernize their platform to achieve innovation, scalability, reliability, and expansion goals.


Technologies Used

  • One of the main reasons for choosing the AWS platform is that AWS offers native services that enable the enterprise to scale with ease. Also, AWS provides unmatched breadth and depth of machine learning, big data, and analytics capabilities, enabling clients to choose the right tools for their marketing technology stack. It removes heavy lifting and complexity and enables to achieve greater cost-efficiency than any other cloud provider.
  • We deployed the new solution architecture using ElastiCache, RDS and DynamoDB, Athena, QuickSight Kinesis, Redshift, and Rekognition. All the previous external storage was being moved to S3 buckets using Lambda Video Convert.
  • Our expert team deployed AWS security solutions like CloudWatch, IAM, KMS, ACM, WAF, and Inspector.

Why Choose Infoservices

  • Info Services has partnered with Megansoft to leverage AWS services for creating and maintaining an extensive library of Amazon Machine Images (AMI).
  • Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering high-quality AWS solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.
  • Our team follows industry-standard security protocols and continuously monitors your environment for potential threats.
  • Our solutions are designed with the future in mind, helping build innovative IoT systems.
  • We establish an ecosystem that supports rapid prototyping and scale production and operations.

Partner solutions

  • The Info Services team architected the solution by utilizing the best practices and came up with a framework that was scalable, sustainable, and performance efficient.
  • We leveraged Admin Console Create to support front-end application access management across user groups through Web application design and development services, including Mobile App development.
  • We developed an Application Management Console to configure and control applications running on the AWS platform.
  • Created a Universal SandBox with the ability to configure dynamically and flexibly to meet scalable resource needs.
  • Developed an application with different I/O and user architecture to support a long-term development plan.

Results & Benefits

  • As a result of our solution, we could deploy a new architecture utilizing various AWS services such as ElastiCache, RDS, DynamoDB, Athena, QuickSight, Kinesis, Redshift, and Rekognition.
  • Additionally, we were able to streamline the previous external storage solutions by migrating them to S3 buckets using Lambda Video Convert.
  • This allowed for improved efficiency and reduced costs in data storage while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.
  • Overall, our solution provided a more robust and scalable infrastructure for our clients, enabling them to better manage and utilize their data.

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