Architecture Assessment


About the Client

KCF effectively connects cutting-edge technologies with real-world solutions that improve industrial facilities and the communities they serve for a sustainable future.

KCF envisions a world where its customers have zero injuries, zero waste, and zero asset failures.

Their mission is to transform American industry by solving critical Industry 4.0 problems through the convergence of technology and people. KCF develops smart, gritty solutions that tackle your toughest challenges.

About Client

Current State Challenges

Application Modernization
Edge Computing
People & Process

Executive summary

  • KCF Tech is one of the leading IIoT solution providers in the industry, constantly innovating and solving industry 4.0 challenges.
  • System Diagnostic is a homegrown solution built over a decade, and as the company plans to reimagine its growth plans, it needed help to assess its current state architecture.

Why Choose Infoservices

  • Info Services helps customers implement scalable and cost-effective solutions tailor-made to fit their business needs, particularly in data & analytics solutions.
  • Info Services brought niche capabilities required for streaming initiatives with extremely talented AWS solution architects and data engineers who successfully implemented the solution.
  • Also, the company invests in technologies and employees to create a challenging environment that paves the way for professional growth for their associates.

Why AWS Platform

Amazon AWS

AWS provides unmatched breadth and depth of native IoT, machine learning, big data management, and analytics services, enabling clients to choose the right tools for their marketing technology stack. It removes heavy lifting and complexity and enables us to achieve greater cost-efficiency than any other cloud provider.

It is easy to bring complex services like SNS, SQS, Lambda, Timestream, S3, DynamoDB, etc. to make up a scalable, and performing architecture.

Partner solutions

  • Conducted a series of workshops covering all technology areas.
  • Conducted deep dive sessions, reviewed applications layer by layer, and performed code reviews.
  • Analyzed APIs, UX, F/E design, and data landscape.
  • Reviewed Mobility needs and the architectural components.
  • Also, I reviewed people & processes issues to triangulate with technology gaps.
  • Finally, a set of recommendations were made with an end-state architecture that is more cloud-native, future proof and low maintenance.

Results & Benefits

  • Identifying gaps helped the client develop the roadmap to design the next-generation solution.
  • Recommendations also eliminated redundancy, efficiency, and cost-effective.
  • AWS services that we recommended in the target architecture:
  • Timestream
  • SageMaker
  • Feature Store
  • Notebooks
  • Managed Grafana
  • Managed Airflow
  • EMR Serverless
  • MSK Serverless