Unlocking Convenience: InfoServices' Salesforce Managed SFRA Solution

Revolutionizing Consumer Health Product Subscriptions with Smart Order Refill

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In the fast-changing world of consumer health products, ensuring subscription renewal was complex and required efficient, automated processes. Customers demanded greater flexibility and streamlined experiences, yet legacy systems posed hurdles in achieving this, limiting their ability to proactively manage subscriptions and deliver timely renewals.


Over nine months, InfoServices embarked on a journey to revolutionize consumer health subscriptions. They initiated a comprehensive DevOps and CI/CD automation strategy to replace manual configurations. By leveraging Salesforce SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture), they created standardized processes, shifting from manual handling to a streamlined, automated workflow.

About Client

Our client, a leading health insurance provider, offers comprehensive health, vision, life insurance, and worker compensation services. With a legacy spanning over 75 years in Colorado, they offer quality health plans, connecting members to a trusted network of doctors. Their commitment extends to delivering better care, providing solutions, and improving community health.


Health Insurance

Years in Business
80+ Years
Company Size
10000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
Colorado, USA
Enhanced Customer Loyalty: By driving significant automation and flexibility, the Salesforce SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) solution created greater customer loyalty and retention.
Streamlined Subscription Management: Custom cartridge solutions integrated subscription flow seamlessly, enhancing their lifecycle from order, processing, and shipping.
Access Control: Automated access control ensured that only authorized personnel and systems could process orders, reducing abuse.
Improved Customer Experience: Enhanced experiences for customers through seamless interactions, proactive renewals, reducing friction, and enhancing satisfaction.
Technologies Used
  • Salesforce Managed Services

  • SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture)

  • Subscription Management System

  • Customer Group Membership Control

  • Access Control Mechanisms

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

  • JavaScript

  • Pipeline Profiler

  • Custom Cartridges

  • OCAPI Integration

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