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In a bustling healthcare enterprise with over 10,000 active users and a robust team of 120+ developers, streamlining Quote to Cash (QTC) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) processes presented unique challenges. Manual complexities in billing processes, frequent changes, and frequent merge conflicts hampering efficiency and innovation.


Over nine months, InfoServices embarked on a journey to revolutionize QTC and CPQ processes. They initiated a comprehensive DevOps and CI/CD automation strategy to replace manual configurations. By leveraging Salesforce CPQ and Billing, they created standardized processes, shifting from manual data handling to streamlined, automated workflows.

About Client

Our client, a leading health insurance provider, offers comprehensive health, vision, life insurance, and worker compensation services. With a legacy spanning over 75 years in Colorado, they offer quality health plans, connecting members to a trusted network of doctors. Their commitment extends to delivering better care, providing solutions, and improving community health.


Health Insurance

Years in Business
80+ Years
Company Size
10000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
Colorado, USA
3X Faster Application Delivery: With the implementation of DevOps and CI/CD automation, application delivery was enhanced by 3X, reducing release timelines, enhancing agility, and reliability.
Less than 5% Merge Conflicts: The introduction of automated processes significantly reduced merge conflicts, leveraging Salesforce source control and code integration.
70% Cost Savings in Less than 1 Hour: Through efficient automations, the time taken for complex billing processes was reduced, eliminating manual errors and accelerating delivery timelines.
Self-Service Code Promotions: By enabling automated promotions with the ability to deploy changes across environments seamlessly, InfoServices significantly reduced deployment timelines, enhancing operational efficiency.
Technologies Used
  • Copado

  • AutoRABIT

  • Salesforce Managed Services

  • DevOps methodologies

  • CI/CD automation tools

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