Transforming Driving Experience: Analytics Solution for a Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Transforming Trucking Efficiency with Advanced Analytics, Enhancing Safety, and through Data Insights

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InfoServices collaborated with a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer to enhance their knowledge base management system with an Analytics solution.

  • Improve coupler safety
  • Enable data-driven decisions
  • Enhance route planning
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Ensure cost savings
About Client

Our client is a leading multinational automotive manufacturer with diverse vehicle lineups and global campaigns. Together with its subsidiaries, it forms one of the world’s top automakers. Operating the largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility, it produces 1.6 million units annually. With a presence in 130 countries, it boasts a network of 5,000 dealerships worldwide.


Automotive, Manufacturing, and Transportation

Years in Business
55+ Years
Company Size
75000+ Employees
Geographical Presence

The Approach

Our strategic approach embodied a thoughtful assessment of the existing platform, the definition of an AWS-based target architecture, and the execution of diverse work streams. Continuous collaboration with the client organization ensured seamless progress. The following key components guided our strategic approach:

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Conducted a thorough analysis of current processes, data histories, and user requirements.

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Advised reliable sensor integration and comprehensive analytics for predictive maintenance.

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Developed data visualization and analysis tools using Amazon Athena and Tableau for prompt anomaly detection.

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Ensured ongoing tracking and optimization, adapting to client needs and achieving project milestones effectively.

  • Scaling existing solutions to accommodate market growth.
  • Transitioning from heuristic models to machine learning algorithms.
  • Ensuring seamless integration of various technologies and platforms.
  • Addressing the need for enhanced operational efficiency and reduced human dependency.
Technologies Used

Customer Testimony
Our partnership with Infoservices has transformed our driving application, enabling us to detect issues early and optimize operations efficiently, resulting in safer and more cost-efficient journeys for our customers.
Head of Technology (Client Organization)

InfoServices developed a robust solution utilizing data visualization and analytics capabilities within the application. Leveraging Tableau, Amazon Athena, and other advanced technologies, we created dashboards to track key performance metrics. Additionally, GPS tracking and route analysis dashboards were implemented to optimize transportation routes and enhance operational efficiency.

Early Detection of Coupler Issues: Reduced accidents and downtime through proactive identification.
Data-Driven Decision-Making: Informed decision-making based on real-time insights.
Optimized Route Planning & Accidents Prevention: Enhanced safety and efficiency through optimized transportation routes.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings: Significant cost savings achieved through improved driving behaviors and proactive maintenance.
By integrating analytics into their driving application, our client achieved safer, more efficient truck operations, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

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