Revolutionizing Sports Analytics: A Looker-Powered Analytics Solution

Empowering a Leading American Sports Media Company: Driving Engagement, Enhancing Experience, Maximizing Revenue

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InfoServices partnered with a leading American media giant to revolutionize analytics for its renowned sports application, catering to millions of users with diverse sports interests.

  • Real-time insights for agile decision-making.
  • Enhanced user engagement strategies.
  • Competitive edge augmentation.
  • Monetization strategy reinforcement.
  • Strengthened content personalization.
About Client

Our client is a leading American pay television network renowned for its diverse home entertainment offerings, spanning blockbuster movies to award-winning series. Operating as a multinational media and entertainment conglomerate, it provides premium TV services with various programs, including series, sports, documentaries, and movies. With a robust online presence, it also offers merchandise and collectibles worldwide.


Media and Entertainment, TV Production, Video Streaming

Years in Business
50+ Years
Company Size
5000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
United States, Asia, South Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America

The Approach

Our strategic approach embodied a thoughtful assessment of the existing platform, the definition of an AWS-based target architecture, and the execution of diverse work streams. Continuous collaboration with the client organization ensured seamless progress. The following key components guided our strategic approach:

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Conducted a thorough data audit, stakeholder interviews, and user journey mapping.

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Proposed a comprehensive analytics solution using Looker to meet the client's needs for agile decision-making and user engagement.

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Integrated Looker with Databricks for seamless data flow and analytics.

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Collaborative Tracking

Ongoing collaboration and progress tracking ensured timely implementation.

The Challenge
  • As our client, the American sports media company, gears up for the launch of its new application, they face a critical challenge in implementing a robust analytics infrastructure to drive user engagement, content personalization, and revenue optimization. With the vast amount of data generated by the app’s users through approx. 250M user base, 200K concurrent requests, and over 15+ sports coverage, including live broadcasts, content preferences, and interaction patterns, the client needs a sophisticated analytics solution that can enable data, provide real-time insights, and support agile decision-making.
Technologies Used

Customer Testimony
The Looker-powered analytics solution revolutionized our approach to data-driven decision-making, enabling us to understand our users better and deliver personalized experiences that drive engagement and revenue.
Head of Product Development (Client Organization)
The Solution

We proposed a comprehensive analytics solution using Looker, a leading data analytics and visualization platform. Looker’s flexible architecture allows for seamless integration with the new app’s data sources, including user interactions, content consumption, and advertising metrics, to create a unified data model. The solution includes customized dashboards and reports for key stakeholders such as content creators, editors, marketers, and advertisers, providing actionable insights into user engagement, content performance, and revenue metrics.

Real-time Analytics: Enabled swift business decisions with up-to-the-minute data insights.
Enhanced User Engagement: Tailored content recommendations drove deeper user interaction.
Increased Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of the ever-changing sports media arena.
Strengthened Monetization Strategy: Optimized revenue streams through targeted advertising and content.
The collaboration between InfoServices and a top pay television network in the United States is a prime example of how innovative analytics solutions may revolutionize business expansion. With careful planning, flawless execution, and cutting-edge technology integration, our client’s premium sports package is set to achieve unprecedented success in the cutthroat world of sports media.

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