Scalable & Secure Software-defined Vehicle Infrastructure for an Auto Manufacturer by Info Services

How Info Services facilitated an auto manufacturer in establishing a highly scalable, multisystem, and secured infrastructure for software-defined vehicles on Microsoft Azure.

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Info Services collaborated with a multinational automobile company to establish a robust and scalable cloud infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform for processing and overseeing data from software-defined vehicles. The project aimed to create a strong, secure, and resilient environment, supervising multiple applications and data teams across various regions and subscriptions.

  • Create a scalable cloud infrastructure with self-healing capabilities for processing software-defined vehicle data.
  • Build a highly secured platform with business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Support multiple application and data teams to build and deploy across multiple regions and subscriptions.
About Client

Headquartered in the United States, our customer is a prominent multinational automotive manufacturer with manufacturing facilities spanning eight countries. Alongside vehicle production, the company supplies parts and accessories while providing extensive vehicle safety, security, and information services. Dominating global vehicle sales for 77 consecutive years, from 1931 to 2007, it remains one of the world's largest automakers by unit sales.


Auto Manufacturers, Automotive Electric and Manufacturing

Years in Business
115+ Years
Company Size
10000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
8 Countries

Strategy: A Thoughtful Path to Success

Our strategic approach in transforming the client's infrastructure involved comprehensive assessments, detailed planning, and collaboration with industry best practices. The following key components guided our strategic approach:

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Comprehensive Assessment

Conducted a comprehensive review of the client's existing infrastructure and provided actionable insights.

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Strategic Recommendations

Proposed an architectural evolution, integrating RBAC and policy definitions for robust security measures.

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Thorough Implementation

Executed (provisioning 28 services in 45 days), aligning with best practices in infrastructure security, monitoring, and disaster recovery.

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Collaborative Tracking

Worked closely with the client's teams to ensure seamless deployment, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

  • Managing multiple subscriptions and resource groups while adhering to strict compliance controls.
  • Ensuring availability and fault tolerance for processing millions of vehicle messages.
  • Establishing robust disaster recovery mechanisms across multiple regions.
  • Designing a highly secured infrastructure with RBAC and Policy definitions.
  • As applications are hosted across multiple subscriptions and regions, getting a comprehensive view on the health of the deployed services becomes difficult. This siloed approach leads to gaps in the visibility of what is happening across multiple subscriptions and regions.
Technologies Used
Customer Testimony
I am extremely pleased with the exceptional services provided by the InfoServices team for our Azure infrastructure project that supports multiple apps & data teams. They worked diligently with us to understand our requirements and provided innovative solutions to deliver a highly scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.
Naveen Krichi, Sr Manager, Software Defined Vehicle

Info Services fostered collaboration among the client architects, network & security teams, Microsoft, and Databricks. They established highly secured infrastructure with RBAC and policy definitions, enabling host-to-host secure communication. They implemented a centralized monitoring solution for all subscriptions using Azure Managed Grafana.

Provisioned 28 services across 6 global regions in under 45 days.
Enabled deployment of microservices-based apps on private AKS.
Achieved (near) real-time data streaming and Delta Lake analytics on millions of messages.
Provided end-to-end application and data observability with ITSM integration for SLAs.
Provided a centralized monitoring solution.
This collaborative effort has resulted in the successful establishment of a highly scalable, secured, and resilient infrastructure for the auto manufacturer's software-defined vehicle data processing needs. The project showcased Info Services' expertise in cloud architecture, security, and efficient implementation using cutting-edge Azure technologies.

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