Empowering Retail Excellence: InfoServices' Salesforce Managed Commerce Cloud Solutions

Elevating Retail, Sports, and Apparel Brands with Tailored Commerce Cloud Solutions

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The ability to adapt to the ever-changing retail, sports, and apparel landscape requires both flexibility and agility. However, legacy systems and traditional business structures hindered responsiveness and real-time adjustments. Ensuring seamless integration across various eCommerce solutions posed significant challenges to achieving retail excellence.


InfoServices rose to the occasion, crafting tailored solutions to address the intricacies of modern retail challenges. By leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) capabilities, InfoServices enabled seamless integration and customization, facilitating the creation of personalized user experiences across brands and product lines. Crucially, they implemented site performance optimization and workload orchestration, as well as migrating to a product-centric model for improved performance.

About Client

Our client, a leading health insurance provider, offers comprehensive health, vision, life insurance, and worker compensation services. With a legacy spanning over 75 years in Colorado, they offer quality health plans, connecting members to a trusted network of doctors. Their commitment extends to delivering better care, providing solutions, and improving community health.


Health Insurance

Years in Business
80+ Years
Company Size
10000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
Colorado, USA
Enhanced Performance: By optimizing Product Listing Pages (PLP) and Search features, InfoServices achieved significant performance improvements, enabling faster page load times and search result generation.
Seamless Authorization Flow: Through integrations like Afterpay cartidge, InfoServices ensured smooth authorization flows, significantly enhancing efficiency and customer experience.
Streamlined Shipping: Custom script and data updated shipping settings dynamically, ensuring precise shipping estimations and integrating shipping carriers for fulfillment efficiency.
Optimized Payment Gateway: Integrated payment systems enhanced the ability to adapt to new payment methods, from Salesforce to User Defined objects, streamlining payment processes and reducing checkout times.
Improved Search Functionality: Utilizing pipeline scripting and optimized search-based lookups, they facilitated search efficiency, delivering faster and more relevant search results.
Technologies Used
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

  • JavaScript

  • Pipeline Profiler

  • Custom Cartridges

  • OCAPI Integration

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