CMMS Integration System

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About the Client

KCF effectively connects cutting-edge technologies with real-world solutions that improve industrial facilities and the communities they serve for a sustainable future.

KCF envisions a world where its customers have zero injuries, zero waste, and zero asset failures.

Their mission is to transform American industry by solving critical Industry 4.0 problems through the convergence of technology and people. KCF develops smart, gritty solutions that tackle your toughest challenges.


Current State Challenges

Analytics Analytics-white
Data Mapping

Ensure seamless integration by addressing differences in data formats and structures between the customer and client systems.

Application-Modernization Application-Modernization-white
Security & Authentication

Implement robust protocols for secure data transmission, authentication, and authorization to protect sensitive information.

Edge-Computing Edge-Computing-white
Data Synchronization

Ensuring seamless integration between the customer's issue management system and their client's 3rd-party CMMS systems for effective collaboration.

Mobility Mobility-white
System Maintenance

Implementing automated service request generation and tracking in the client system to enhance overall system maintenance, visibility & tracking.

People-and-Process People-and-Process-white

Ensuring effective communication between the 3rd party CMMS system and the client system to uphold data integrity.

Why Choose Infoservices

  • Info Services helps customers implement scalable and cost-effective solutions tailor-made to fit their business needs, particularly in data & analytics solutions.
  • Info Services brought niche capabilities required for streaming initiatives with extremely talented AWS solution architects and data engineers who successfully implemented the solution.
  • Also, the company invests in technologies and employees to create a challenging environment that paves the way for professional growth for their associates.

Technologies used

AWS Services
  • SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • SQS (Simple Queue Service)
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
User Authentication and Role Management
  • AWS Cognito
Data Storage and Management
  • S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • DynamoDB
Monitoring and Analytics
  • CloudWatch
Security Measures
  • S3: Public access disabled, bucket encryption enabled
  • DynamoDB: Security measures aligned with AWS best practices
  • API Gateway: Lambda Authorizer for Maximum Security Enforcement
Deployment and Management
  • CloudWatch Dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • Thresholds set for optimal performance
  • Alerts and error publishing features for proactive issue notification

Architecture Diagram


Partner solutions

  • Seamlessly integrated our system with third-party AWS systems using AWS Partner Solutions.
  • Managed client assets, and configurations, and ensured issue updates in the client's AWS-based tracking system.
  • Leveraged AWS Partner Solutions for efficient communication and robust data synchronization.
  • Utilized AWS Cognito for user access and role management in the integration API.
  • Triggered AWS Lambda for secure updates in AWS Partner Solutions (S3 and DynamoDB) upon authentication.
  • Deployed a CloudWatch dashboard for real-time monitoring, with proactive alerts for timely notifications.

Results & Benefits

  • Streamlined integration with the customer's client system
  • Minimized manual work with automatic synchronization between customer and client's systems
  • Enabled automatic creation of issue tickets from the customer's end into the client's CMMS system
  • Facilitated real-time tracking of ticket statuses between the client's system and the customer's application

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