Salesforce Managed Services for Enhanced User Experience in Automotive Infotainment

Empowering a Major Auto Manufacturer with Next-Gen Solutions

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The US major Big 5 Auto manufacturer aimed to revolutionize in-car infotainment experiences, requiring intricate configurations and customizations to cater to diverse driver needs while streamlining backend operations. With millions of vehicles to serve, managing workflows and delivering rich media experiences posed significant challenges.


InfoServices deployed a comprehensive solution leveraging Salesforce core functionalities to craft a next-gen infotainment user engagement personalization platform. This involved configuring and customizing Salesforce to accommodate personalized experiences across various vehicle models, ensuring seamless user engagement and satisfaction.

  • 12 Scrum Teams
  • 1000+ SFDC customizations
  • Millions of vehicles served
About Client

Our client, a leading American automotive giant, boasts a rich legacy in designing, manufacturing, and selling a diverse range of vehicles and automotive parts. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, they offer iconic brands recognized worldwide. From cars to trucks, their commitment to providing comprehensive automotive financing solutions ensures a seamless ownership experience.


Automotive (Automotive and Suppliers)

Years in Business
110+ Years
Company Size
150000+ Employees
Geographical Presence
Michigan, USA
Custom-built and implemented an Infotainment App shop functionality using a custom Salesforce Apex solution.
Developed complex personalization features for Info 3.0 and auto vehicles with Salesforce, enabling the transfer of personalization across multiple vehicles.
Implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud for personalized customer email campaigns, enhancing brand engagement.
Customized Salesforce to facilitate the push of apps to vehicles based on Make, Model, and Year, ensuring tailored experiences for each driver.
Technologies Used

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